How To's

How to use the CleanWing Scrubber and Cleaning Pad

  1. Attach the BOSS Cleaning Pad to the inside curve of the CleanWing Scrubber (it can be doubled up if desired)
  2. Rinse the surface being washed with water or your preferred cleaning solution to remove any large debris that may cause scratching. 
  3. Apply your cleaning solution to the BOSS Cleaning Pad and the surface being cleaned.
  4. Always follow the directions of the cleaning solution being used.
  5. Start scrubbin'!
  6. Once you're done scrubbin', use the included microfiber to follow-up and make those wings shine!

What type of cleaning product should I use with my CleanWing Scrubber & BOSS Cleaning Pad?

Our products work by simply using a safe soap and water! However, you can use other products along with the CleanWing Scrubber, as long as they are safe to use on the surface you're cleaning.

Is the BOSS Cleaning Pad replaceable once it wears out, from cleaning off all those bugs?

Yes, the BOSS Cleaning pad is reusable and replaceable. After each wash, rinse out the cleaning pad and make sure there is no debris left in the fibers. Once rinsed out, the pad will be ready to go. If you manage to scrub your way through the pad, you can order more through our website. Click Here!


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Happy Cleaning!