Why does the CleanWing Scrubber have a handle?

The handle makes for an easier cleaning process for YOU. Designed with comfort in mind, our handle allows you excellent leverage and handling to remove each and every bug from your airplane. The handle also keeps your hands from coming into contact with any chemicals being used or any of those left over bugs.

Why does the CleanWing Scrubber have a curve and will it work with my airplane?

The curve on our CleanWing Scrubber was designed to maximize the surface area reached at one time on an aircraft. Specifically the leading edge (usually the dirtiest) which is rounded and has the majority of bugs and debris. The CleanWing Scrubber uses a plastic technology we call 'flex' which allows the curve to 'flex' to the leading edge of your airplane. Check out our product pictures on our About Us page or Scrubbers and More!

    Is the BOSS Cleaning Pad abrasive(scratchy material)?

    NOPE! The BOSS Cleaning Pad is made of a non-abrasive fiber, meaning it won't cause scratching on a variety of surfaces, including:

    • All paints
    • Clear coat
    • Plastics
    • Graphics
    • Metals
    • Leather and Vinyl Interiors
    • And MORE

    FUN FACT: The BLUE ANGELS use these pads to keep their aircraft pristine! So why shouldn't you??

    Can I use something else, instead of the BOSS Cleaning Pad?

    You sure can! There are a variety of products that would fit inside and secure to the CleanWing Scrubber. However, we always recommend you make sure whatever you're using is in place properly and that the item being used will not damage the surface you're cleaning.

    Where are your products made?

    All of our products are proudly MADE IN THE USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (our microfibers are not made domestically, there are next to no microfiber manufacturers in the USA. However, we made sure our products are sourced ethically from trustworthy sources!)

    How often will I need to replace the BOSS Cleaning Pad?

    It will depend on how much "elbow grease" you're putting into cleaning off all those bugs. Always inspect the pad before use to make sure there are no tears or dried debris left in the fibers.

    My CleanWing Scrubber and cleaning pad aren't picking up the dirt, only streaking it. What can I do?

    The BOSS Cleaning Pad is a great non-abrasive bug remover, however, it does not do the shining like a microfiber. After using the BOSS Cleaning Pad, follow up with a microfiber cloth to make the surface shine. 


    *Always refer to the manufacturer of the surface intended for our products to be used on for proper guidance on approved cleaning methods and materials to be used. 


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