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Looking for the perfect cleaning kit for your airplane? Here it is! The AvClean Kit is a combination of two revolutionary products to help make your airplane stand out on any ramp.
Pilot Halo's Halo 47 ™ cleaning solution and CleanWing's, patent pending, scrubber make this the newest and most innovative cleaning kit available today!


*AvClean Kits are currently out of stock*


CleanWing Scrubber

The CleanWing Scrubber is designed to make cleaning your aircraft EASIER than before. Utilizing a curved frame with sturdy handle, the CleanWing Scrubber 'flexes' to fit your aircraft's leading edge. The 'flex' provided by the curved frame allows our scrubber to adjust to your aircraft's change in leading edge size, maximizing the bug removal power of the CleanWing Scrubber. Cleaning pad tested with aircraft cleaning agents complaint with MIL-PRF 86937D and MIL-PRF 885570C

The CleanWing Scrubber allows our aircraft cleaning pad or microfiber cloth to fit within the curved surface. Each are safe to use on a variety of surfaces.

HALO 47™

Wash and wax your aircraft, automobile, or RV in one easy step with our Halo 47™ Waterless Wash + Wax. Our exclusive blend of cleaning agents, carnauba wax and polymers work to effectively wash and wax your aircraft, automobile, or RV at the same time. Leaves a beautiful mirror-like finish with lasting UV protection. To use, simply spray on the surface, one panel at a time, and wipe clean with a microfiber towel.

Features & Benefits: 

• Ideal cleaning and protection for paint, windows, wheels and more

• Perfect for nearly ALL general aviation aircraft

• Saves time washing and waxing

• Leaves a UV protected finish that lasts 

• Formulated with carnauba wax for an incredible mirror-like finish


Kit Includes:

1 CleanWing Scrubber

1 Halo 47™ 32oz.

2 Cleaning Pads

2 Microfiber Cloths


*Always refer to the manufacturer of the surface intended for our products to be used on for proper guidance on approved cleaning methods and materials.