Cleaning Pad, 3 Pack

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Cleaning Pads

Our cleaning pads are non-abrasive to nearly all surfaces. Ideal for cleaning painted surfaces, this non-abrasive aircraft cleaning pad enhances friction to loosen dirt, but does not scratch or alter the gloss level of the surface or surface coatings.

The cleaning pad will safely clean bugs, carbon, fuel residues, dirt, grime, etc., from all your aircraft surfaces, leaving your plane the cleanest it’s ever been. Tested with aircraft cleaning agents complaint with MIL-PRF 86937D and MIL-PRF 885570C.

- Attaches EASILY to the CleanWing Scrubber
- Safe for all paints, clear coats, plastics, graphics, metals, etc.
- Works extremely well with soap & water, waterless cleaners, or just a small amount of chemicals!
- Reusable
- Eco-friendly
- Requires no harmful chemicals
- Best product to use to clean leather or vinyl interiors
- The pads are chosen to clean the Blue Angels
- Cleans your car just as well as your aircraft

*Always refer to the manufacturer of the surface intended for our products to be used for proper guidance on approved cleaning methods and materials. a text section. Add and edit content here.